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The Science behind our therapy

Recent technological advances in biomedical research have contributed to characterising the human microbiome and uncovering its vital role in health and disease. In this line, we identified specific strains of bacteria that are less abundant in colorectal cancer patients compared to healthy individuals. In pre-clinical animal experiments, we found that supplementation with those bacteria is sufficient to trigger an anti-tumor immune response in colorectal cancer, as well as in melanoma, breast and lung cancer. Our results show enhanced immune cell activation and infiltration into the tumor when the bacteria are applied. This way, we aim to circumvent the problem of current immunotherapies, by which tumors with low immune-cell infiltration cannot be effectively treated

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Improving patients´ quality of life and treatment outcome


projects in our pipeline


different animal models responding to our lead therapy

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patients could benefit from our therapy each year

Our novel therapeutic approach is purely based on commensal bacteria that are abundantly present in healthy individuals. This therapy aims to regenerate the intestinal microbiota composition of cancer patients and to reinforce the anti-tumor immune response. As a result, we expect the supplementation with these bacteria to be very safe and highly tolerable. Our therapeutic approach, therefore, offers an immense advantage compared to current anti-tumor therapies with their detrimental side effects. Moreover, these characteristics qualify our bacterial therapy to be used to both treat and prevent cancer. Our bacteria will be applied in lyophilized form packed in pH-resistant capsules as an oral therapy, requiring less visits to the hospital since the administration is easier and faster than current therapies. For these reasons, we are convinced that our bacteria-based treatment will not only enhance treatment efficacy but also improve quality-of-life of cancer patients.

Recolony’s pipeline

Our oncology focused pipeline based on microbes and microbial-derived products


The rapid advancement of these potential biotherapeutics will enable Recolony to address unmet medical needs in malignant diseases.

Our lead product is a life biotherapeutic product (LBP) for the treatment of different solid tumors consisting of two bacterial strains that are orally applied in gastric-resistant capsules with colonic release. We characterized the complete mode of action of our LBP, including the active bacterial metabolite, the target receptor, and the activated immune cells that are responsible for the effective anti-tumor immune effect.

Through the identification of the mechanism of action of our LBP, we were able to identify and validate a promising new drug target for cancer immunotherapy. Therefore, we are developing a small molecule compound that targets this receptor as a second asset besides the LBP. We have already identified key structural features of our desired molecule for optimal target activation and are currently running our medicinal chemistry program, aiming to achieve an optimized molecule with ideal binding affinity, stability, bioavailability and efficacy.

The two products are targeting the same receptor, but different target patient populations. For the LBP, the aim is to develop it as an adjuvant therapy for stage III patients after tumor resection. Consisting of commensal bacteria, the LBP is perfectly suited for preventive therapy. The small molecule therapy will be targeting late-stage patients that need the highest level of immune response enhancement.


Commensal Clostridiales strains mediate effective anti-cancer immune response against solid tumors

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