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Bacteria-based cancer therapy

Revolutionary cancer immunotherapy

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Insights into Recolony

Our approach

At Recolony, we focus our efforts on understanding and leveraging the beneficial effects of the human microbiota. The bacteria of the microbiota have an enormous influence on our immune system and are able to provoke and enhance an effective immune reaction against cancer. By harnessing the potential of beneficial gut microbiota, Recolony aims to develop a completely new class of drugs for the treatment and prevention of cancer. 


Our aim is to shift the paradigm of cancer treatment towards a gut microbiota guided activation of the immune system. Therapies that are based on the human microbiota have little or no side effects and have the potential to improve the quality of life of cancer patients under treatment considerably. We envision the future of cancer therapies and prevention to be based on or supported by commensal bacteria or microbial-derived products and strive for maximizing the patients’ benefits in terms of efficacy and safety.


The science behind the therapy

High-class research for new, innovative therapies


Based on data from patients with colorectal cancer, we identified specific strains of bacteria that are less abundant in the gut microbiota of colorectal cancer patients compared to healthy individuals. Applying these bacteria in various models of solid tumors, including colorectal cancer, we found that the bacterial treatment activates immune cells, enabling them to infiltrate and kill malignant tumors.


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Support and Awards

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Anti-tumour efficacy, minimal side-effects and simple administration. These ingredients promise to establish Recolony as innovative breakthrough therapy.

Dr. Daniel Vasella  /  Recolony Advisory Board Member

Former CEO and Chairman of Novartis AG

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